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Wolf to the Slaughter

Wolf to the Slaughter

The third Wexford novel published by John Long in

Inspector Reg Wexford wasn’t an aristocrat or a brilliant Oxbridge wit. He didn’t inhabit rarefied social circles or drive a Bentley. He wasn’t the idiot foil to some brilliant amateur. He was a decent bloke with a wife and grown-up daughters who struggled to make sense of the things we do to each other. He was blessed with intelligence and common sense but he was as flawed as the rest of us and he felt like someone you might meet in your local pub.

Val McDermid 1

Anita Margolis has vanished. Dark and exquisite, Anita’s character is as mysterious as her disappearance. But with no body and no apparent crime, seemingly there’s nothing to be investigated.

Until Wexford receives an anonymous note claiming ‘a girl called Ann’ was killed the very night Anita disappeared.


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  1. No one can equal Ruth Rendell’s range or accomplishment. The Guardian 2015. ↩︎

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