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The Veiled One

The Veiled One

The fourteenth Wexford novel published by Hutchinson in

If Ms. Rendell’s hero were any less gemütlich, any less of a soothingly old-fashioned presence, the starkness of the world around him might prove too unrelievedly grim for most readers.

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Concealed by a shroud of dirty brown velvet and looking like a heap of rags—the woman’s dead body lay between a silver Escort and a dark-blue Lancia.

In the desolate shopping centre car park, Wexford is too preoccupied to notice anything out of the ordinary, only the teenage girl in the red car driving past him too fast.

Burden calls him at home with the grim news later that evening: the woman had been attacked from behind, perhaps with a thin length of wire.

But before Wexford can delve deeper into this curious murder, he too faces death. Can Burden solve this mysterious crime without the help of his worldly Chief Inspector?


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