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Some Lie and Some Die

Some Lie and Some Die

The eighth Wexford novel published by Hutchinson in

To my son, Simon Rendell, who goes to festivals, and my cousin, Michael Richards, who wrote the song, this book is dedicated with love and gratitude.

When the brutally beaten body of a girl is found in a quarry during a hedonistic music festival near Kingsmarkham, Wexford is first on the scene. But who in this atmosphere of peace and love could be capable of such violence?

The body is that of local girl turned nightclub stripper Dawn Stonor, but it is the unlikely link between this ill-fated girl and the mysterious rock star Zeno Vedast that piques Wexford’s interest.

Through an intricate web of lies and deceit, Wexford uncovers a history of love and hate that began years earlier. In all his years of police work, he has never faced a crime of such desperate passion …


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