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Road Rage

Road Rage

The seventeenth Wexford novel published by Hutchinson in

When Dora is kidnapped, I think readers see a side of Wexford that they perhaps hadn’t seen before. That is his passionate devotion to his wife. He is horrified by what has happened to her, and I’m rather proud of his rescue of her, and the scene between them when she comes home.

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A bypass is planned in Kingsmarkham that would destroy its peace and natural habitat forever. Wexford’s wife Dora joins the protest movement, but Wexford must be more circumspect. Trouble is expected.

When he was young he had seen blue fritillaries here, plants so localized that they were seen only within a ten-mile radius of Kingsmarkham, but that was a long time ago. When I retire, he had told his wife, I want to live in London so that I can’t see the countryside destroyed.

Before the protesters even have a chance to make their presence felt, the badly decomposed body of a young woman is discovered. Just as Wexford is about to investigate the murder, several people disappear - including Dora Wexford.


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