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Put On by Cunning

Put On by Cunning

The eleventh Wexford novel published by Hutchinson in

I think relationships are terribly important and one should know who one is. In order to make Wexford a real person, it seems to me essential that he should have a wife and children and grandchildren and forebears, and I can’t imagine writing a novel with a protagonist who isn’t deeply rooted in his ancestry.

Ruth Rendell 1

The tragic death of Manuel Camargue, Kingsmarkham’s celebrity flautist, is met with a ruling of misadventure. Dinah, his young fiancée, seeks Wexford’s help when Manuel’s estranged daughter, Natalie, then reappears after an absence of nineteen years.

Dinah believes Natalie is not who she claims to be. Knowing there is a large inheritance at stake, Wexford begins to investigate. But then events take a gruesome twist, and now, more than ever, Wexford must establish Natalie’s true identity.


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  1. Means of Evil: Inside the Mind of Ruth Rendell by Diana Cooper-Clark, The Armchair Detective Vol. 14 Issue 1, Spring 1981 ↩︎

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