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No More Dying Then

No More Dying Then

The sixth Wexford novel published by Hutchinson in

Burden was rather prudish and prim. Then, people began to tell me that he was too prudish for a detective inspector. So I killed off his wife and let him have an affair with an actress. But strangely enough, it didn’t make him less prim and prudish.

Ruth Rendell 1

On a stormy February afternoon, little Stella Rivers disappears without a trace. There are no clues or demands and nowhere for Wexford and his team to look. All that remains is the cold fear and awful dread that touches everyone in Kingsmarkham.

Just months later, another child vanishes, and Wexford and Burden launch into another investigation and, all too quickly, they discover chilling similarities to the Stella Rivers case.


Contemporary Reads 2


  1. The People’s Detective, ITV 2010. ↩︎

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