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The Chimney Sweeper's Boy

The Chimney Sweeper's Boy

The ninth Barbara Vine novel published by Viking in

The Chimney Sweeper’s Boy began differently from any previous book I’d written. It actually derives from a story a friend—the novel’s dedicatee, Patrick Maher—told me. People are always telling me stories, of course, and suggesting that I make something out of them, but never before this have I felt I wanted to use one. But this I knew I must, it was so horrifying.

Ruth Rendell 1

When successful author Gerald Candless dies of a sudden heart attack, his eldest, adoring daughter Sarah embarks on a memoir of him and soon discovers that her perfect father was not all he appeared to be.

That, in fact, he wasn’t Gerald Candless at all. But then, who was he? And what terrible secret had driven him to live a lie for all those years?


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