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The Water's Lovely

The Water's Lovely

A stand-alone novel published by Hutchinson in

This stand-alone story … is one of her most gleefully energetic efforts. And its powers of description and characterization place it far beyond the limits of a genre novel. This book is less a conventional crime story than a sly social comedy in which not everybody dies of natural causes.

Janet Maslin 1

Weeks went by when Ismay never thought of it at all. Then something would bring it back, or it would return in a dream. The dream began in the same way. She and her mother would be climbing the stairs, following Heather’s lead through the bedroom to what was on the other side, not a bathroom in the dream but a chamber floored and walled in marble. In the middle of it was a glassy lake.

The white thing in the water floated towards her, its face submerged, and her mother said absurdly, “Don’t look!” The dead man was Ismay’s stepfather, Guy.


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