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The Secret House of Death

The Secret House of Death

A stand-alone novel published by John Long in

Ruth Rendell is one of the true all-time greats. The Secret House of Death changed my life with its utterly perfect, unguessable twist.

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It was his third visit to the gloomy house on Orchard Drive. Each time he parked in the same place, carried a briefcase, and was greeted by Louise North at the door.

Is it sin to rush into the secret house of death, ere death dare come to us?
(Antony and Cleopatra, Act 4, Sc. 16)

Susan Townsend was the only resident with no interest in the neighbourhood gossip about the affair going on next door.
Yet it was Susan who found the murdered bodies of the lovers, locked, not in passion, but in death. And it was Susan whose own life would be imperilled by a monstrous crime far beyond the imaginings of the vilest gossiping tongues.


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