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The New Girlfriend and Other Stories

The New Girlfriend and Other Stories

A short story collection published by Hutchinson in

The whole northern side of the old railway line lay exposed to the view and the elements and much of its charm was lost. It became what it really always was, nothing more or less than a ridge, a long strip of waste ground running across north London, over Northwood Road, over Stanhope Road, under Crouch End Hill, over Vicarage Road, under Crouch Hill, under Mount View, over Mount Pleasant Villas, over Stapleton Hall, under Upper Tollington Park, over Oxford Road, under Stroud Green Road, and so to the station at Finsbury Park.

The Green Road to Quephanda

Murder, perversion, corruption, blackmail, secret terrors that lead to unspeakable acts, and hidden fears that erupt in irrational violence.

All these, of course, are part of someone else’s world that happens out there, far from the ordinary streets and ordinary people who live in your neighbourhood, your town. They have nothing to do with the everyday lives of people like you. Or do they?


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