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Going Wrong

Going Wrong

A stand-alone novel published by Hutchinson in

My books are as much about motivation, character, contingency and chance, life, and setting, as they are about a crime or some act of violence.

Ruth Rendell 1

In Rendell’s evocative portrayal of West London, the run-down areas of Notting Hill Gate and the mews houses of Holland Park are not streets, but worlds, apart. When these two worlds collide, the repercussions are fatal.

Guy and Leonora were childhood sweethearts and belonged to the same criminal gang. But as the wealthy Leonora grew older, they grew apart, and Guy’s innocent love turned into a dangerous, psychopathic obsession.

When Leonora announces her engagement, Guy knows there must be some mistake and is determined to right it at any cost. As he becomes the victim of his murderous madness, nobody is safe.


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  1. Ruth Rendell discusses Going Wrong on the BBC World Service in 1990. ↩︎

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