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Adam and Eve and Pinch Me

Adam and Eve and Pinch Me

A stand-alone novel published by Hutchinson in

We are guessing from the first page what Ruth Rendell is up to in Adam and Eve and Pinch Me because she writes within a genre that she has herself redefined.

John Mullan 1

Jock Lewis died in the Paddington train crash. His fiancée Minty even received a letter from Great Western. But she never heard from the police, and Jock had left with all her savings.

When a mysterious dark-haired man appears at Minty’s home, work, and even in the cinema, she knows it must be Jock’s ghost. But ghosts are grey and don’t wear leather jackets.

Five women, all unknown to each other, are the simultaneous unwilling victims of one man, a morally corrupt criminal who exploits them all and then suddenly, suspiciously, disappears.

As this mystery man of shadows returns, the five women are haunted by a living nightmare, and Minty begins to wonder, can you kill a ghost?


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